2018 Honda Ridgeline Operating On Borrowed Time?

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The latest generation Honda Ridgeline has been around for two years now but it is still unable to compete with the segment heavyweights on the sales front.

Just take 2017 as an example. Last year saw Honda moving 34,749 Ridgeline and while this may appear to be 47.3% better than 2016, the numbers are extremely far behind the likes of Toyota Tacoma and even the Nissan Frontier.

The Tacoma reign supreme in 2017 thanks to 198,124 deliveries whereas the less popular Frontier was able to record a decent figure of 81,065. These simply highlight how bad things are for the Honda Ridgeline.

With the Ridgeline being amongst the worst selling pickup trucks here in the US, we are actually surprised that Honda is keeping the vehicle alive into 2018. If the gap doesn’t improve for the Ridgeline in 2018, we can expect Honda to pull the plug on the vehicle.