2018 Honda Ridgeline: Ready For VW Atlas Threat?

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If you think that the Honda Pilot is the only vehicle that is being shaken by the upcoming Volkswagen Atlas, you are wrong.

A recent statement from Volkswagen confirms that the Atlas is nothing more than the peak of the iceberg. They have more plans for expansion in the future and this is sending the chills to the Honda Ridgeline.

Why Honda Ridgeline? Well, it is because Volkswagen was quoted saying that the Atlas may spawn a pickup truck variant that will be coming with the same features and styling. It will be just like how the Ridgeline is to the Pilot thus making it a prime threat to Honda.

When questioned on whether it will be the Volkswagen Amarok that is coming to the US, their employee denied. This was followed by an immediate response which says that a VW pickup truck in the US will be completely new and it is likely to be based on the Atlas.

The idea certainly sounds exciting but Volkswagen didn’t manage to offer any confirmation on the pickup truck’s development. Should they proceed with the plan?