2018 Hyundai IONIQ vs Nissan Leaf: Twin Offering Collides

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A couple of months ago, Hyundai revealed that they are interested in updating the IONIQ EV’s battery pack in a bid to boost the car’s driving range. Coincidentally, Nissan made the same exact remark for their Leaf.

It then struck us. Both the IONIQ and the Leaf are far too similar to each other. They both have a simple design and are able to offer slightly above 100 miles in driving range. The IONIQ and the Leaf are also priced near similar to each other thus making them more alike than we expected.

With both the IONIQ and Leaf poise to offer more than 200 miles to offer, which of the two will be the better car? The details on either vehicle are not out yet but all will be revealed next year when Nissan unleash the next-gen Leaf while Hyundai upgrades the mechanicals on the new IONIQ EV.

Both vehicles are also tipped to come with some semi-autonomous technology thus making it more exciting to compare the duo. As it stands, we prefer the new IONIQ EV but can the future Leaf tempt us to make the switch?