2018 Hyundai Kona: UK Setup vs Hybrid Surprise!

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In a matter of days from now, Hyundai will pull the wrappers off the US-spec Kona and many can’t wait to check out what the crossover will have to offer.

Since it is labelled US-spec, the vehicle is bound to be different from the Kona that has been released in the UK. This means that the Kona is unlikely to come out with the 1L 3-cylinder engine although there is still a chance for the vehicle to be offered with a 1.6L unit.

The latter is a mill that is offered with the higher-end Kona in the UK and with it, the crossover can hit 62mph in a respectable time of 7.9 seconds. So, could this be the basics for the US market?

It sure sounds likely but there is still a chance for it to be no. This cannot be helped as rumours are rife in claiming that Hyundai has been testing the Kona with a hybrid powertrain. The hybrid setup will be akin to the IONIQ and it will be the way for the US market.

While rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, their claim sounds realistic hence Hyundai could be planning a hybrid surprise when unveiling the Kona. All will be confirmed when the Kona make its debut at the annual LA Auto show.