2018 Hyundai Sonata Facelift Questions Toyota Camry’s Comfort!

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The Toyota Camry has always been number one in the midsized sedan segment hence we can expect things to be no different for the new generation model. On the other hand, we also look forward to seeing rival brands narrowing the gap with the Camry and among them is Hyundai.

The South Korean make had just released the Sonata Facelift and we are surprised to see the vehicle being better than the Camry on several departments.

Starting with the design, the Sonata Facelift looks a lot better than the Camry as it has a premium style with a tinge of sportiness. The Camry looks a little busy on the front but the rear design is appealing to the eye. In this field, we choose the Sonata Facelift but it still goes down to your preferences.

Moving on to the interior of the vehicle, Hyundai did a mighty fine job in giving the Sonata Facelift an upmarket finish. The leather seats and lighting effect gives off a luxurious ambience which can’t be found on the Camry. In addition to that, the Sonata Facelift has more cabin and cargo space to offer than its Japanese counterpart. Winner here is the Sonata Facelift.

But when it comes to performance however, the Sonata Facelift is still behind the Camry. The range-topping Sonata Facelift relies on a 2L turbo-4 mill that can develop 245hp and 260ft-lbs of torque. This setup can also return up to 37mpg. The range-topping Camry has a powerful V6 engine that can develop 301hp and return more than 50mpg at best.