2018 Hyundai Sonata Facelift Schools Toyota Camry On Luxuries

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About a month ago, Toyota dropped all the details on the all-new generation of Camry and we can confirm that the vehicle will have the best performance in the midsized market.

The upcoming Camry, like its predecessor, will debut with a number of powertrain options to choose from and one of them is the V6 mill that can develop 301hp. This is quite excessive for an everyday executive sedan but it does help in maximizing on-road performance.

But when it comes to luxury features and experiences, the all-new Sonata Facelift is the better car as it has way more space to offer than the Camry. The Sonata boasts greater shoulder room, leg room and head room. The trunk space is also noticeably larger to that of the Camry.

Despite the fact that the Hyundai Sonata Facelift is behind the Camry in power and fuel economy, the vehicle is able to offer greater comfort and a more refined finish. The interior is comparable to that of an upmarket car and the exterior design is way more attractive than the Camry.

All Hyundai needs to do now is to improve on their powertrains in the future so that they can finally outdo the world’s most popular midsized sedan.