2018 Hyundai Sonata Facelift vs Toyota Camry: Which Is Better?

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Hyundai has gone a long way to become a recognized carmaker in the market but they are still not on equal terms with their Japanese counterparts. So when Hyundai launched the Sonata Facelift around the same time Toyota releases the new generation Camry, we can’t help but to find out which car is better.

The Sonata Facelift puts a lot of focus on comfort and this can be seen with the high quality interior and the space offered inside the cabin. To keep things short, the Sonata Facelift is a lot more spacious than the Camry.

When it comes to performance however, the Sonata Facelift is still a step behind its Japanese rival as the numbers are less attractive. The range-topping Sonata Facelift can develop 245hp and this is short of the 301hp produced by the V6 on the range-topping Camry.

If that is not bad enough, the Camry is capable of returning even greater fuel economy figures than the Sonata Facelift. It goes to say that Hyundai still need to work on their powertrain mechanism if they wish to be on equal terms with the world’s bestselling midsized sedan – Toyota Camry.