2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Keeping Premium Crown?

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The Grand Wagoneer has always been Jeep’s finest vehicle as the SUV is tailored for the best luxuries around. This is why we are shocked when rumours started claiming that the Grand Wagoneer has been discontinued by Jeep.

The word is that Jeep has been working on the next-gen Grand Wagoneer but they never managed to come up with the right concept. There is always something off like performance not meeting the structure of the vehicle or the measurements being way too large.

The rumours then indicated that the Grand Cherokee is to be blamed for this. Jeep is in deep love with the Grand Cherokee that they want to turn the SUV into their most premium vehicle.

If the rumours are right, the Grand Wagoneer will be making an exit and this will give the Grand Cherokee a huge boost in luxuries. It will be a right call in our eyes since it is the Grand Cherokee that also sells best when compared to the Grand Wagoneer.