2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Would Feel Like Stelvio

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The all-new Giulia has successfully revived Alfa Romeo and this is despite of the fact that the car has yet to achieve impressive sales figures here in the US.

Sales aside, the Giulia is certainly the most attractive premium sports sedan right now and it made us eager to meet the upcoming SUV – Stelvio. With the Stelvio, Alfa can increase their market presence in North America but it appears that the SUV is nothing more than just the tip of an iceberg.

The bigger plan for Alfa Romeo is to be a major provider of auto parts as doing so will grant them great income. This is already in motion after Fiat-Chrysler confirmed that Alfa Romeo will be supplying the platform for several upcoming vehicles coming from the automotive group.

The most notable name that will adopt a platform from Alfa Romeo is the next-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee. The latter is now built on an aging platform from Mercedes-Benz and the next-gen model will be borrowing the Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s architecture.

With the change, the Grand Cherokee will definitely offer a different driving experience and character. We can get a better idea of this when Alfa releases the Stelvio as the SUV will share a similar driving feel with the future Grand Cherokee.