2018 Jeep Wrangler Caught Completely Naked Ahead Of Debut!

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The Jeep Wrangler is an iconic vehicle in the automotive industry and this is thanks to its long history of providing the best off-roading experience. Despite having existed for many decades, the Wrangler is still easy to recognize and this is due to its styling that never strayed away from the original model.

Perhaps, the same can be said for the next-gen Wrangler, which is due to make its debut at the LA Auto Show taking place in November this year. We are convinced that the next-gen Wrangler will be 95% similar-looking to the model it replaces after viewing the latest spy shots on the vehicle.

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As how you can see above, the only noticeable change is with the overall measurements and the sizing of the design features. Also, the upcoming Wrangler can be seen with more modern technologies like LED lights, although the shape of these features are still too similar to the current model.

For those that are uninitiated with the Wrangler, the next-gen vehicle looks no different from the previous generation models. Meanwhile, the initiated folks will likely see the above as a nice change.