2018 Jeep Wrangler: Charging A Premium To Low-Ballers

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The last LA Auto Show saw Jeep launching the new generation Wrangler and it brought out plenty of information on the vehicle. The only unfortunate bit here is that Jeep never announced on the pricing of the Wrangler but you can already get an idea of it today.

According to Car&Driver, the new Wrangler is at about $3,100 more expansive than the previous generation model. The starting price for the new Wrangler stands at $28,190 and it may be the trim which many of you would want to skip.

The Wrangler may have gotten its core extensively upgraded but the pricing does not justify the need for a base model. This is because the base model lacks some basic features – namely air-conditioners. It basically means that you are paying $3,100 more than the previous generation model for a purely stripped-out Wrangler. This does not sound great on the long-term.

With that being said, the Sports S trim should be regarded as the basic Wrangler where you are least likely to regret buying. The Sports S trim demands an additional $3,000 but it is unlikely to leave you in regret.