2018 Jeep Wrangler Debut At Risk Of Becoming An Afterthought

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Come November this year, Jeep is going to launch the next-gen Wrangler. The iconic 4×4 will be taking the stage at the annual LA Auto Show prior to its official sales debut in early 2018.

It is a make or break situation for Jeep in LA as they need the Wrangler to enjoy an impactful debut. Anything less will only reduce the sales prospect of the 4×4 and this is something Jeep needs to avoid.

It won’t be an easy task for Jeep as the Wrangler will be coming out at the same time with 50 other new vehicles. It’s going to be a heated battle for the spotlight at the next LA Auto Show and we fear that the Wrangler may end up being an after-thought at the event.

This cannot be helped as the Wrangler will be going against the likes of BMW i8 Roadster, Volkswagen Passat GT, Mercedes CLS, Porsche 911 Speedster and many others. The Wrangler better have something exciting to show if they want to be the main topic of discussion at LA.