2018 Jeep Wrangler: Diesel Likely To Spoil Overall Experience

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Diesels are not a popular choice here in the US but that is not stopping several car manufacturers from offering the powertrain with their vehicles. Even Jeep is hoping to give diesel a good name when they launch the next-gen Wrangler.

The future Wrangler is expected to arrive later this year and it seems that there is no stopping Jeep from offering a diesel mill with the 4×4. It makes us more curious to find out on how good the Wrangler Diesel will be but we still predict the powertrain option to end up being a mess.

This is because diesels today are not heavy duty like they were in the past. To meet with environmental regulations, diesel mills are equipped with a number of technologies that helps keep the air clean and this is something that can spoil the overall experience.

The diesel mill that is coming to the next-gen Wrangler is expected to come with the same complications and lack of robustness caused by the green technologies. Tools such as Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction are used to ensure clean emission from diesel motors but when they are not durable at all.

We have heard plenty of cases from today’s diesel-powered cars being unable to run smoothly when DPF and SCR fails to function. The worst part of them all is that they are very expansive to repair.

At this rate, it will defeat the purpose of having a diesel motor on the Jeep Wrangler. But of course, Jeep has yet to launch the next-gen Wrangler hence it is better to wait before making bad assumptions.