2018 Jeep Wrangler Diesel: Where Art Thou?

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The LA Auto Show saw Jeep bringing out the new-generation Wrangler and many are pleased with the outcome of the vehicle. It was also then when Jeep started taking in pre-orders for the new Wrangler and they are expected to start delivering the vehicle in Q1 next month.

The only unfortunate bit here is that the early Wrangler won’t be available with the diesel powertrain. Jeep has revealed that they will bring out the diesel-drinking diesel but it won’t happen until mid-2018, the earliest.

Well, new reports that claim to have spoken to insiders from Jeep revealed that the Wrangler Diesel is scheduled for August of next year. The unveiling of the vehicle will happen at the annual Jeep event and the pre-orders will open a month following that.

While not official, this is the only clue we have for the Wrangler Diesel and we certainly hope for it to be true. The only way to tell is to wait and see.