2018 Jeep Wrangler: Double Thumbs Up For Diesels From Regulators!

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Fiat-Chrysler started 2017 roughly and this is caused by allegations of their diesel-powered vehicles having deceptive carbon emission through the application of a cheat device. FCA said many times that there is no cheat device and the allegations are wrong.

Well, they can finally breathe easy because the investigating body is starting to give clearance to a number of diesel mills from Fiat-Chrysler. The best part is that the regulators have approved Fiat-Chrysler wish to offer the next-gen Wrangler with a diesel powertrain.

The diesel mill will work together with a turbocharger and it will be a V6 unit that can offer a super duty performance on the Wrangler. Despite this good news, the unpopularity of diesels here in the US places a big doubt on the Wrangler’s sales prospects.

Well, FCA can worry about that on another day as they can now breathe easy knowing that the hassle of being investigated is finally clearing up.