2018 Jeep Wrangler: Poor Diesel Prospect Won’t Hold Vehicle Back!

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Diesels have never been popular on everyday cars here in the US and this is why we are left scratching our heads when Jeep showed plenty of commitment to offer diesels with their line-up.

Jeep has revealed that the next-gen Wrangler will have a diesel powertrain as an option and this has left many in question marks. The sales prospects of the Wrangler Diesel are poor and it won’t have great longevity due to the uprising of electric powertrains.

We are pretty sure that Jeep is aware of this hence there could be another reason to why the carmaker is desperate for diesels. Perhaps, it may have to do with emission levelsl. The priority could be to balance the emission books so that the Wrangler can get a pass by CAFÉ regulators.

Seeing that Jeep is linked to exiting Fiat-Chrysler, they need to soften the impact by making quick adjustments so to meet the CAFÉ rules. Diesel is the solution for it and this is why Jeep wants the Wrangler to have diesel as an option.