2018 Jeep Wrangler Readying For FCA Exit?

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Some would say that Jeep’s decision to equip the next-gen Wrangler with turbocharged diesel engine as a bad move since diesels are unpopular here in the US. Well, Jeep can’t be bothered about prospects regarding the Wrangler and this is probably due to CAFÉ regulations.

Seeing that Fiat-Chrysler is in a rocky situation that can lead to a fallout among carmakers, Jeep’s decision to adopt diesel is probably a preparation for the worst case scenario.

For example, if a firm from China is to takeover Jeep, the iconic all-terrain brand may face a hard time in meeting CAFÉ regulations. Having diesel around can soften this impact and give Jeep time to restructure their line-up to meet the required CAFÉ goals.

It is not just diesels that have been confirmed for the next-gen Wrangler. Electrics and hybrids too are in the works for every Jeep production vehicle. It may not tell us much about Jeep’s future but it does suggest that Jeep is preparing for the worst case scenario.