2018 Jeep Wrangler: Slow To Move On

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Normally, when a carmaker launches a new generation vehicle, it will automatically see the disappearance of the replaced model on the showrooms. But for Jeep, they prefer to continue selling the older model in hope of milking as much cash as possible.

It is a typical Jeep practice and we will be seeing it happening again when the next-gen Wrangler arrives. It was already confirmed when a leak revealing the Toledo plant production plans saw the existing Wrangler JK making its official exit on March 30 next year. This is about 6 months after the release of the next-gen Wrangler.

It is very obvious that the extended sales period is meant to clear the surplus in supply of the current Wrangler rather than sentimental reasons.

The arrival of the next-gen Wrangler will allow Jeep to lower the price of the existing model and this will give it some good sales prospects despite being an older model. Will the two Wrangler be able to co-exist at the same time?