2018 Jeep Wrangler: There Is Goodness With Diesel Move!

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Diesels are never a popular on personal vehicles here in the US but this is not stopping Jeep from offering a diesel mill as an option with the next-gen Wrangler. The future Wrangler will get the diesel treat next year and this has got many questioning on Jeep’s decision.

Well, Jeep may have not offered an explanation but logic tells us that the move to offer diesel is influenced by CAFÉ regulations. Jeep has always struggled to meet the local CAFÉ standards hence having a diesel mill on the Wrangler can soften the emission pressure placed on Jeep.

One may argue that Jeep could have done better with a hybrid or an EV setup but the cost of development an electrical-based powertrain will be time consuming and expansive for Jeep.

Electrification will happen in the future but it won’t be immediately since Jeep still needs to find the perfect electric recipe for their iconic off-roader. The Wrangler has always been a rugged vehicle and it can’t settle for a fragile electric powertrain.

Until something concrete materializes, Jeep will need the help of diesel to ease the pressure on CAFÉ regulations.