2018 Jeep Wrangler: Unpopular Decision Receives The Thumbs Up!

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Being a fan of Fiat-Chrysler Automobile can get really confusing, especially when the carmaker has this habit of making unpopular decisions in times of crisis.

Recent months have seen automotive sales declining by a big margin but Fiat-Chrysler is showing no sign of worry at all. The carmaker kept on launching performance vehicles like the Dodge Challenger Demon and they have gotten approval to offer more diesel mills on their vehicles.

Despite diesels being extremely unpopular here in the US, the next-gen Jeep Wrangler will be offered with a diesel trim and its aim is to reduce the company’s overall emission level in regards to current emission regulation.

It gets more ironic when you realize that Fiat-Chrysler was being investigated over emission-cheating allegations through diesel motors earlier this year. Well, this fiasco is now clearing up after the carmaker gets approval to equip the next-gen Wrangler with a turbodiesel mill. Will it work out well for the 4×4?