2018 Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco: Aluminum Off-Roaders On Overdrive

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The fact that Ford has confirmed on the Bronco’s return through a new generation model has made the wait for the next-gen Jeep Wrangler all the more exciting, especially when knowing that both 4×4 SUVs are going to be built with more aluminum parts.

Jeep has teased about it before when they shared that they want the Wrangler to be lighter for a more optimized performance and the same can be expected from the Bronco.

The next-gen Wrangler is scheduled to make its official sales debut early next year and it is hoping to secure insane sales figures in the one year head-start it gets over the next-gen Bronco. Jeep may not admit it but we believe they are seeing the Bronco as a massive threat.

For decades already, the Wrangler has been the best choice in the 4×4 market as it has no real competitors to worry about and this will look to change once the Bronco arrives. It is clear that the Wrangler vs Bronco rivalry is set to go overboard once both vehicles have made their respective debut.

So, which 4×4 SUV will be better?