2018 Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco: Battle For Aluminum

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Jeep surprised us all when they revealed that the next-gen Wrangler is going to be lighter than ever and this is so that it is better optimized for power and fuel economy.

While Jeep may have yet to offer any details on their weight saving program, various reports and teasers are greatly suggesting on the application of aluminum. The lightweight metal is said to make up the shell of the next-gen Wrangler and this will slash off a lot of weight.

This is really positive for the Wrangler but the downside to it is that many are not sure if the aluminum will make the ever robust Wrangler more fragile in the face of the unforgiving off-road terrain.

Either way, the Wrangler will need to proceed with the aluminum makeover or they will lose out to the returning Ford Bronco. The next-gen Bronco is projected to arrive before 2020 and it is highly likely to follow the aluminum ways of the F-150.

The difference here is that Ford is a proven name in the application of tough aluminum hence we can be sure that the Bronco will come out strong. It is unsure if we can say the same for the upcoming Jeep Wrangler.