2018 Jeep Wrangler Won’t Succumb To Failure, Here’s Why

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We can’t think of any other vehicle that can live up to the definition of “one size fits all” better than the Jeep Wrangler. Pre-orders for the new generation Wrangler are rolling in like hotcakes and some section of the crowd are surprised by this as they feel that the new model is bound to lose its glory.

For these folks, they predict that the new Wrangler will go on a downfall because of the competition catching up to the 4×4. Names like the Toyota TJ Cruiser and the Ford Bronco are going to come out in the near future thus taking the attention away from the Wrangler.

Despite the stiffer competition ahead, we don’t see why the Wrangler can’t turn into a huge success like its predecessors. As mentioned above, the Wrangler is a “one size fits all” vehicle. It won’t matter if you are a billionaire, a hobo, a student, a middle-incomer, an off-road enthusiasts or just about anything else, your image will fit perfectly with the Wrangler.

The talks about how the Wrangler only caters to off-road enthusiasts are wrong because the vast majority of Wrangler owners are not even off-road junkies.

They all buy the Wrangler due to the ruggedness and versatility of the vehicle. Furthermore, the Wrangler is the only 4×4 that has survived the test of time thus making it an icon in the global automotive scene. We simply don’t see how the Wrangler will lose out to upcoming rivals.