2018 Lexus LC500: They Should Rename Toyotafest To LC500-Fest

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The last Toyotafest event took place last month in Long Beach and it attracted a huge crowd. The number of people that attended Toyotafest is said to be the most in the event’s history and it got us wondering on what could be the cause of it.

Sure, Toyota may have utilized the event to unveil some iconic cars and prototypes from the past but their exhibition never really gathered a large crowd. After doing more digging, we found that the masses were actually interested in feasting their eyes on the upcoming Lexus LC500.

Dubbed as Toyota’s return in the supercar market, the LC500 promises plenty of power to offer and it will also feature an appealing design. This explains why there is a long queue for the crowd to take photos with the upcoming car.

When the LC500 arrives, it will be powered by a 5L V8 engine which can develop 471hp and 398ft-lbs of torque. The car is also expected to offer great luxury value since the sticker price is predicted to be under $100,000.