2018 Lexus LS Blasts Tesla Autopilot For Word Abuse

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We are at the dawn of a full autonomous era as more and more carmakers are offering their cars with a sophisticated self-driving system. The trend started with the Tesla Model S – an EV car that is equipped with Autopilot.

The latter basically combines all the semi-autonomous safety features with some clever programming to allow thus allowing the Model S to pilot itself on the roads. Despite having an advance system, Autopilot is not the complete deal yet and drivers are warned to use it with great caution.

This is something which Lexus finds annoying as Tesla is marketing Autopilot like it is the ultimate autonomous system. The reality is that the term autonomous can’t be used until a car is able to manage on its own without any worry or caution.

Lexus brought this up when talking about the driver assistance features that are coming to the next-gen LS and they won’t call it autonomous at all. It is pretty obvious that Lexus is taking a dig at Tesla over the use of autonomous and they may have a good point.