2018 Lexus RX Brings Toyota Highlander Dilemma!

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Toyota’s luxury arm, Lexus, is growing to become more influential in the market it competes in. However, some of the decisions made by the company may leave you scratching your head and the most recent one was about the 2018 RX450.

The SUV is currently being offered in a wide range of trims and powertrain options and Lexus had just confirmed the addition of a new trim for the 2018 model.

What bothers us is the fact that the new trim will act as the new base model for the Lexus RX450 and it will see a big price drop for the vehicle. Lexus revealed that the new trim will retail at $46,690 and this translates to a massive $7,450 discount.

It is also worth noting that a number of features have been removed from the RX450 to justify the price and the list includes leather seats, heated/ventilated seats, Premium Package, moonroof, sat-nav and blind spot monitor.

The good news here is that adding on all those features will bump the price up to $52,975 and this is still $1,055 cheaper than the 2017 pricing. The way we see it, the 2018 RX450 will make it difficult for us to decide between it and the Toyota Highlander.

The range-topping Highlander V6 FWD Limited Platinum has a similar MSRP with the new base RX450 and it is obviously better equipped. However, the RX450 still has a more refined interior when compared to the Highlander – even in its most basic guise. What’s your pick?