2018 Lincoln Navigator Pouring Gold For Ford!

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One may say that Ford has gone over-the-top for approving Lincoln’s desire to build the ultimate luxury SUV in the new Navigator but this is proving to be one of the best decisions they’ve made in a very long time.

The new Navigator is priced at $100,000 on average and this is very expansive for a mass-market luxury SUV. As such, it is easy to understand why many doubt the Navigator to achieve success on the sales front.

But then again, the amazing happens and that is a long line of queue for the new Navigator. It was confirmed earlier today that Ford is struggling to keep up with demand for the SUV – something which even they didn’t expect to be really high.

It is a good headache for Ford to have and they can be glad for taking a gamble on the high-end Navigator. However, to call the Navigator a sales success, we will need to wait a year for a better picture on the vehicle’s sales performance.