2018 Mazda 6 Coupe: A Poor Man’s BMW 6-Series In The Works?

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4-door coupes are turning into a thing in the world of luxury cars and this is something that makes the majority of the enthusiasts cringe. For the carmakers, they are not too bothered by it since a 4-door coupe will often sell well.

BMW admitted the same thing when they shared that the 6-Series has been a huge success and they want to achieve more by producing a 2-door coupe variant of the 4-door coupe. Something about that statement just sounds disturbingly wrong.

Moving on, the domestic affordable market too seems to be interested in picking up this trend. It may not look obvious but the latest tenth generation Honda Civic has a huge slope on its roofline that it can qualify for the 4-door coupe segment.

Now, it seems that Mazda want to get in on some 4-door coupe action too. The idea was teased through MazdaUSA’s Instagram when the firm uploaded a sketch of the car that looks like Mazda6 at first glance. But on a closer observation, the sloping roofline and curvy angles with sharp ends strongly suggests it to be a 4-door coupe that will be based on the Mazda6.

Mazda has made no comments about it yet but if our observations are right, the carmaker is going to launch an affordable 4-door coupe. For all we know, the vehicle can end up being a poor man’s BMW 6-Series, something which is not fitting for the Volkswagen CC.

But of course, our eyes could have been playing tricks on us so we have embedded the link to the Instagram post here for your viewing. Do tell us what you think of it.