2018 Mazda CX-3: Getting Cozy With Volvo XC40

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It seems that calling Mazda an affordable carmaker is no longer accurate. Their latest production vehicles are all so good that Mazda is now being perceived as a premium carmaker, on the same level as Buick.

Even Mazda see themselves differently when they revealed that they want to build the best quality cars regardless of what the target audience is. The statement came together with a remark from a Mazda employee who revealed that Mazda wants the mass market to experience luxury.

The 2017 CX-5 is an example of it as it adopts all the great features of the CX-9. The latter is just so good that many are seeing it as a competitor for the luxury market. With the CX-5 getting upgraded by a huge margin, it will now look to take on the BMW X3 rather than the Honda CR-V.

Perhaps, we can expect the trend to continue with the CX-3. The ever popular compact crossover is widely loved for AWD and it may be getting more in the future that will allow it to stand on equal footing with the Volvo XC40. Will it happen?