2018 Mazda CX-4: Hyping Up The Crowd Ahead Of Official Unveiling!

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It is no secret that Mazda is developing the all-new CX-4. The vehicle will be based on the Koeru Concept that was unveiled last year and it will be competing in the crossover coupe segment.

The CX-4 is confirmed to make its official unveiling at the next Beijing Auto Show. Today, however, Mazda has decided to hype the crowd up by releasing a teaser image of the crossover coupe.

As how it is pictured above, you can see that the CX-4 will have a coupe-like roofline and a pretty generous length. The CX-4 is believed to be built on the same platform that is used to develop the CX-5 but it will run on a turbocharged SkyActiv engine when released.

When the CX-4 arrives, it will be slotted in between the CX-3 and the CX-5. The CX-4 is expected to make its global debut somewhere in Q1 next year. Are you excited?