2018 Mazda CX-5 Plans To School Honda CR-V On Production

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The latest Honda CR-V is a sensational compact SUV and it is also the bestselling model around. This cannot be helped as the CR-V offers great value since it comes with the best balance in power and fuel economy.

While things may not look as great for rival CX-5, Mazda is already working on a new model and it is going to debut later this year. The future CX-5 will be coming out with a many new technologies as well as powertrain options to choose from. Among them is the addition of turbocharged diesels that is developed for those that desires for greater fuel economy.

There is already a great demand for the CX-5 hence the upcoming model carries a great prospect of achieving massive success. This also means that a bigger volume of CX-5 is needed in the near future and Mazda is well ahead of things.

Mazda revealed that Hofu and Hiroshima plants are already being re-tooled so that they can anticipate overwhelming demand for the CX-5. This is a bold move from Mazda and it may end up being a very important one as well.

After all, the latest Honda CR-V failed to make an immediate impact due to Honda struggling with the demand for the vehicle. If Mazda can prevent volume crisis, they can close the gap between the CX-5 and the CR-V.