2018 Mazda3 Facelift: Can Turbocharged SkyActiv Be A Game Changer?

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Mazda will be releasing the new turbocharged SkyActiv engine with the upcoming CX-9 and following that, the powertrain will be offered to other vehicles from the carmaker. Among them is the Mazda3 and it would be interesting to see on how the car competes with the new mill.

Despite coming with a turbocharger, the next Mazda3 is not expected to blossom in terms of power. This is because Mazda’s primary focus is improving on the fuel economy of their cars and the Mazda3 will be product of their vision.

With the aid of a turbocharger, we can expect the future Mazda3 Facelift to return about 46mpg in fuel economy and this will make it a lot more attractive than the latest Honda Civic.

On the power front, we can expect an increase in figures but not by a big margin. The current Mazda3 can generate up to 184hp and the Facelift model could offer us about 200hp at best. Even so, this is more than enough to show the Civic who’s boss and it could be the game changer for Mazda. What do you think?

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  1. Roy

    May 9, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    I was under the impression that a facelift for Mazda 3 is scheduled for H2 2016, to be unveiled in Munich this year. Did they push the launch schedule forward?