2018 Mazda6 Wagon: Turbo Mystery Brings ‘HCCI’ Confirmation!

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Mazda has been loud in promoting the next-gen SkyActiv engine – SkyActiv-X. The future mill from Mazda is expected to debut in the US later this year through the next-gen Mazda3 but we don’t have to wait that long for us to see how good the new technology really is.

This is because Mazda had just confirmed that the Europe-bound 2018 Mazda6 Touring Facelift is going to feature SkyActiv-X. The wagon variant of the Mazda6 was thought by many to get the same turbocharged mill that was introduced through the sedan model but it appears that Mazda has got other plans in mind.

Instead of addressing the fate of the turbocharged engine for the Mazda6 Touring, the carmaker revealed that the vehicle will feature SkyActiv-X and this means that the world will finally be able to observe the goodness that is with the Spark Controlled Compression Ignition technology.

It is the first of its kind for the mass-market automotive scene and Mazda has claimed that the technology will boost the balance in power and fuel economy by a significant margin.

The next Maza6 Touring will be going on sale by Q3 this year – several months ahead of the next-gen Mazda3’s debut. Are you excited?