2018 Mercedes A-Class May Force Out New Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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Alfa Romeo has already launched the Stelvio so what can we expect next from the Italian carmaker? Fans have made it known that they would love to see a new generation Giulietta but Alfa has killed this idea when they confirmed that hatchbacks are not in their plans.

Well, knowing that Alfa has always acted spontaneously in the past, their decision on the Giulietta may make a big U-turn. The carmaker should know better that an entry level luxury car in the form of hatchbacks can pursue big volume sales in Europe and it can also bring out a verdict on Alfa Romeo’s improved reliability claims.

Also, Mercedes-Benz is stepping up on the hatchback scene as they are preparing to launch a new generation A-Class. The next-gen hatchback will debut together with the AMG models and Mercedes is hoping to become the producer of the fastest sports hatch in history.

The A-Class has always been a huge seller and the AMG model acts as a sweetener in the line-up. Should the next-gen A-Class replicate the success of the current model, we don’t see why Alfa Romeo won’t come back to the idea of having a new Giulietta.

We feel that the next-gen Giulietta can stand toe-to-toe with the future A-Class if it is equipped with the same powertrains offered on the Giulia. As much as we would love to see this idea take shape, the final decision is in Alfa’s hand.