2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class All-Set To Fool China?

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The image above surfaced online earlier today and it is believed to be a legitimate roadmap for Mercedes-Benz in 2018. What we find intriguing is the development of two long-wheelbase vehicles that are based on the A-Class and the GLC-Class.

The A-Class Sedan LWB is a big shocker for us since the vehicle will blur the line between the A-Class and the standard C-Class. The A-Class is a slightly more compact version of the C-Class and it is commonly made as a hatchback.

Having the A-Class in sedan form is already too confusing for us and it will get worst once the long-wheelbase version comes out. The only good news here is that long wheelbase vehicles are commonly made for China hence we can expect the upcoming car to be made for the Asian country.

If so, we are really interested to see how the local consumers there react to the A-Class Sedan LWB. If they choose it over a standard C-Class, it will sound like Mercedes has fooled the entire nation.