2018 Mercedes E-Class: Autonomous Opens To Killing Peds

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We are finally in 2017 and this year will see many new, exciting vehicles getting released. Among them is the next Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which will be coming with some autonomous technology.

The details on the self-driving system are pretty much a mystery and the only thing we know is that the feature is cleverly programmed to kill pedestrians. Yes, you read that right.

The last report regarding the autonomous system confirms that the self-driving feature will have the ability to quickly predict a crash seconds before it happens. Its priority is to take the least damaging route, even if it means having to kill a human being crossing the road.

Mercedes explained that in the worst case scenario, the E-Class will run over people if it means that they can save more lives. It is a smart system that will go for the best possible outcome in a bad situation.