2018 Mercedes X-Class: Luxuries Trapped Inside Navara Shell

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It is official. Mercedes-Benz has pulled the curtains off their newest vehicle and it is the X-Class. The X-Class is built to compete in the midsized pickup truck market and seeing that it is from Mercedes got many curious to see on what sort of luxury features will feature on the vehicle.

Well, there isn’t anything praiseworthy on the design of the X-Class as the vehicle looks like a carbon copy of the Nissan Navara from the windshield all the way to the rear tailgate. Only the front fascia looks mildly upmarket thanks to styling tweaks from Mercedes.

The real Mercedes experience is inside the cabin where everything is designed with luxuries and comfort in mind. The X-Class comes with the sophisticated infotainment system from Mercedes and it also features a premium dashboard design.

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However, whether the X-Class will drive like a typical Mercedes car is a question that remains to be answered. Anything identical to the Nissan Navara on the driving front will only make the X-Class less exciting.