2018 Nissan Frontier: Stealth – An Excuse To Procrastinate?

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Most vehicles from Nissan are now considered outdated as they can’t hold a candle to their rivals. Take the Nissan Frontier as an example. The midsized pickup truck is not as exciting as the Toyota Tacoma and it is even behind the ‘poorly rated’ Honda Ridgeline in terms of features.

Any pickup truck observer will agree with this and Nissan must have realized it as well. So why is Nissan holding back from developing the next-gen Frontier?

There is no telling if the next-gen Frontier is in the works at present moment and even if there is, the vehicle won’t hasten its debut. If you expect the next-gen Frontier to come out within a year from now, you best put your expectations to rest because it is not happening.

Nissan revealed earlier today that the current Frontier still has one last card to play and it is a Midnight Edition model. This means that the Frontier will get a blacked out exterior with some mild upgrades applied to the interior.

The platform and powertrain won’t get any improvements as the changes with the Midnight Package are limited to cosmetic and mild technology changes.

We are personally suspicious over the timing of the Frontier Midnight as Nissan could have been saving it to buy them some time for the development of the next-gen Frontier. So, is the Midnight model an excuse for the delayed Frontier successor?