2018 Nissan Leaf: 300K Tesla Model 3 Pre-Orders Now Meaningless?

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The Nissan Leaf may be an aging EV car but that is not stopping it from being very consistent on the sales front. The Leaf is just so good that even newly released Chevrolet Bolt is unable to stop its sales momentum.

Now, there is more excitement surrounding the Leaf as Nissan has confirmed on the development of a new generation model. The next-gen Leaf is confirmed to come with ProPilot, which is a brand new autonomous system from Nissan.

Aside from that, the future Leaf will have more than 200 miles of EV range and prices are expected to be on the same level as it is today. The icing on the cake is with the Leaf’s design, which is based on the IDS concept and this makes it appealing to the eye.

With such a package, it is easy to understand why the Leaf is now Google’s most searched EV car. The hype is getting stronger with every passing day and this gives the next-gen Leaf the prospect of making it on debut day.

If all is to go well, we don’t see why the Leaf can’t outdo the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The latter is really lacking in terms of design and features but it does brag 300,000 in pre-orders. However, we don’t see this as something that is enough to extinguish the next-gen Leaf.