2018 Nissan Leaf Biting Away Tesla Model 3’s Hype

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It appears that the hype surrounding the upcoming Tesla Model 3 is fast fading away and this is due to the next-gen Nissan Leaf. Google Search program saw a huge surge in the number of searches made for the Leaf following the confirmation on the development of the next-gen model.

The number of searches made for the next-gen Leaf is so huge that it left the Model 3 far behind. If this is to mean anything, the hype surrounding the next-gen Leaf is growing sharply.

The next-gen Leaf also has the potential to make the 300,000 pre-orders for the Model 3 look meaningless and this is due to the design of the car. Several sightings of the future Leaf saw the vehicle looking like IDS Concept from a couple of years ago and this is something which consumers are attracted to.

The next-gen Leaf is also confirmed to come out with Nissan’s ProPilot system hence it can stand on equal footing with the cars from Tesla. If Nissan is able to offer the Leaf with the right pricing figures, we don’t see why the car can’t give the Model 3 a huge fight when released.