2018 Nissan Leaf Can Beat Tesla Without 60kWh Battery

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When it comes to EV cars, the ones from Tesla Inc are simply the best ones around. The likes of Model S and Model X are styled better than the competition and they also come with an unbeatable driving range.

But then again, this does not bother Nissan too much because the aging Leaf is still good enough when going against the cars from Tesla. The Leaf may be stuck with 100-mile driving range and poor resale value but that does not prevent it from acquiring more sales than every Tesla car combined.

Yes, you read that right. The Leaf outsold the Model S and Model X over in Europe and they did so in full style. Nissan sold a total of 18,557 Leafs throughout December 2016 in Europe and this puts it in second on the sales charts, well ahead of the Tesla Model S.

The latter only managed 12,533 units sold and this is about 4 times more than its crossover sibling – the Model X. It goes to say that you don’t need oversized batteries or Ludicrous Mode to impress the consumers in Europe since affordability looks like the top priority in the old Continent.