2018 Nissan Leaf: Forget TMS, Battery Swap Is The Game Changer

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Nissan teased at the 2017 CES event that they are already developing the next-gen Leaf and the car will be coming out with the ProPilot system. In case you don’t know what that is, ProPilot is Nissan’s answer to Tesla’s Autopilot. The feature will enable the Leaf to drive autonomously.

The other details regarding the next-gen Leaf are not out yet but if the latest rumours are to be referred to, the car will be coming with one very important feature. If you are thinking about Thermal Management System for the battery, you are wrong.

The word is that the Leaf will come with a fully accessible battery drawer that can allow the drivers to replace the EV battery pack. Such a feature can be a game changer as relying on Thermal Management System is not all that good for an EV car.

If the rumours are right, then we can expect the Leaf to be an attractive car that is hard to resist. The ability to change batteries on an EV car like how it is done on smartphones can really take the attention away from rivals like Tesla Motors and Chevrolet.