2018 Nissan Leaf: Infiniti The Answer To Tesla?

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Infiniti has been enjoying great success with the newly launched QX cars and they are now exploring EVs. Well, we can say that it is perfect timing because parent company Nissan has already started working on the next-gen Leaf.

The future Leaf carries some big promises and we are fully expecting the car to deliver when it arrives next year. The signs are looking good as the next-gen Leaf has been spotted numerous times looking much like the beautiful IDS concept.

With Infiniti being the luxury arm of Nissan, we can expect the carmaker to pick up the next-gen Leaf and give it the luxury treatment. Infiniti can also come up with a performance tweak that can turn the Leaf into a sports EV hatch which can compete with Tesla Model S and Model X on the track.

Such an outcome is something we would love to see but it is unlikely to happen. This is because Infiniti likes to pour a lot of effort into developing their cars. They are not like Acura which merely adopts a car from Honda before giving it a luxurious upgrade.