2018 Nissan Leaf Leaves Fans Sweating Over E-Pedal

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In about 24 hours from now, Nissan will pull the curtains off the next-gen Leaf and we can’t wait to check out the vehicle in person.

The next-gen Leaf will come with a host of new technologies and among them is the E-Pedal. For those that don’t know what E-Pedal is, the feature is a standard gas pedal with added brake function.

Stepping on the E-Pedal will get the Leaf to accelerate and cruise just like a standard gas pedal. When releasing the pedal however, it will cause the car to automatically apply soft brake.

This may sound like a nice feature for the Leaf but some fans fear it will be a big problem with the car. For city driving, the E-Pedal will do just fine but if on the highway, it can potentially cause problems to other road users.

One fan pointed out that he fear if he let go of the E-Pedal when on the highway, it will distort traffic flow due to the braking function. Another individual pointed out that the E-Pedal will only create confusion at certain drivers as these folks still can’t properly engage Park on the gearbox.

Well, we can’t write off the E-Pedal as a major issue on the next-gen Leaf until we see the car in demonstration tomorrow. Perhaps it is best to wait out a day before giving the E-Pedal a verdict.