2018 Nissan Leaf: New Tech That Chevy Bolt Can’t Fight

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Nissan may have yet to launch the next-gen Leaf but that doesn’t stop the car from getting an early advantage over the Chevrolet Bolt. Yes, you read that right. Despite the fact that the future Leaf is still in development, the car is already ahead of the Bolt in terms of features.

Nissan has confirmed that the next-gen Leaf will be debuting together with the company’s autonomous system and this is something which the Chevrolet Bolt does not have. The latter may be the world’s best value-for-money EV car right now but when it comes to self-driving, it is not in the same league as other EV cars.

The only promise GM made was to add in a ride-sharing autonomous service with the Bolt. There is no pure autonomous form which every Bolt driver can enjoy. The absence of an autonomous system basically means that the next-gen Leaf has got the advantage in the competition.

But of course, autonomous technology is the tip of the iceberg. The future Leaf also promises to excel on the design front and driving range. Nissan has said before that the future Leaf will be a lot like the IDS Concept and this makes it more exciting than the Bolt is.