2018 Nissan Leaf: Sometimes Looks Just Ain’t Enough

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Everything about the next-gen Nissan Leaf sounds exciting and we personally can’t wait to check out the vehicle in person. While Nissan has yet to make any major reveals on the vehicle, various spy shots have confirmed that the future Leaf will be near identical to the IDS Concept from last year.

Today, a new leak further proves this when it shows a production-ready rendering of the next-gen Leaf.

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As how it was shared by CarScoops, the Leaf looks far too beautiful to be an affordable EV car. This is quite a rare sight in the green market and if the outcome is to be as the photo above, then all that Nissan has to do now is find the right EV recipe to power the future Leaf.

This is where it matters most for the Leaf if it wishes to conquer the green market all over again. The top priority is for Nissan to offer more than 200 miles of driving range with the Leaf so that it can compete with Tesla and Chevrolet. Furthermore, the Leaf can start offering superb handling thus making EV cars fun to drive.

If Nissan is able to deliver the above, the Leaf can set itself apart from the Chevrolet Bolt and even the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Are you excited?

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  1. Wayne

    March 27, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Wow if this is the new Leaf it is fantastic looking. Great job Nissan.Waiting for the “range” figures now.