2018 Nissan Leaf vs Chevy Bolt: Battle For Style

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The battle for the best EV crown is about to heat later this year as Nissan has finally announced on the development of the next-gen Leaf. The announcement was made last month, right when GM is starting to make an impact through the all-new Chevrolet Bolt.

The latter came out in full style as it looks like a decent hatchback while having the ability to cover 238 miles on a single full battery. This makes it more attractive to the aging Nissan Leaf, which still looks like a failed attempt to appear futuristic.

Nissan must have realized this and they will certainly try to offer an exciting new look with the future Leaf but what sort of appearance can we expect?

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The picture above shows a Leaf prototype that was spied last week and it confirms that we will be looking at something very different from the current generation Leaf. The shape of the headlights and door panels suggest that the upcoming Leaf will look more like the Nissan IDS concept.

If so, then we can say that the next Leaf will be the prettiest EV car yet, hands down. But of course, we don’t know how the full outcome will be like hence it is better to wait until the car gets unveiled. That is expected to happen somewhere in Q3 this year.