2018 Nissan Pathfinder To Pioneer Child-Saving Safety Feature

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Cars today are a lot safer than they were a decade ago and this is thanks to semi-autonomous safety features and a stricter safety regulation. Despite this known fact, safety in cars has yet to address one common issue that has claimed the lives of many children.

There are a growing number of younglings dying in cars after being locked inside the vehicle by their irresponsible parent. These cases normally happen in the summer season where the trapped heat can claim the lives of a person in a trapped environment.

Despite the ongoing effort to raise awareness against leaving children behind in cars for a short errant, the average driver is still behaving irresponsibly with their kids.

For Nissan, they feel that it will take a long time before the idea of leaving kids behind in the vehicle is viewed like a crime by the average person and waiting for that time won’t do any good. Nissan has moved forward in developing a new safety feature that will remind drivers to not leave their younglings locked at the rear seats of the vehicle.

The reminder system will debut in the upcoming Pathfinder, right in the heart of the hot summer season. The reminder will kick in when the Pathfinder’s engine is switched off. With such a feature, the mishap of leaving kids locked inside the car can be prevented and this is why the feature should turn into a new standard.