2018 Nissan Rogue Sport: New Threat For Subaru Outback!

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The Nissan Qashqai is one of the most popular crossovers in Europe and its success has got the crossover lovers here in the US wishing for the vehicle to cross the Atlantic pond.

If you are among them, then we have got some great news for you. The Qashqai is finally here and it was unveiled earlier today at the Detroit Auto Show. If you have missed its unveiling, it is probably because the Qashqai adopts a different name for the US market and it is Rogue Sport.

The Rogue Sport will give local consumers a sense of familiarity but to think of the crossover as a sportier version of the Rogue is wrong. We say this because the Rogue Sport is a completely different car.

The vehicle is smaller than the Rogue and it is packed with fewer ponies. Nissan has confirmed that the Rogue Sport will utilize a 2L 4-cylinder engine that can develop up to 141hp and 147ft-lbs of torque. Nissan is aware that the power count does not look impressive but they gave assurance that the performance is going to be quick, punchy and satisfying.

With such an offering, the Rogue Sport may just have enough to give segment leader Subaru Outback a big fight.