2018 Nissan Z Would Anger Nissan 370Z Fans

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Nissan has made it clear that they are still interested in keeping the Z-badge alive and this strongly suggests that the Japanese carmaker is already busy developing the successor for the 370Z.

For the past year or so, we have studied several leaks on the next Z-car and it got us expecting the vehicle to be called the 300Z. The vehicle will rely on the same 3L bi-turbo V6 engine that is being offered to the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport and it will come with a modern retro design.

Everything sounds exciting until today, when a new report surfaced online to suggest that the next Z-car can’t even be called a car. The word is that the Z-vehicle will take the shape of a crossover and this got us heated in anger.

The report claims that Nissan has been actively shooting down rumours but when it comes to the speculations of a Z-crossover, Nissan merely replied with “it can be anything”.

The next Z-car is expected to make its official public unveiling next year and if does turns out to be a crossover, we are going to keyboard riot. What about you?